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Experience the story of The Story of How Old Car Got His Bark in a variety of ways that teach children the joy of storytelling in a format they’ll love!

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The Day Anna Ganna Bandanna Learned to Fly

The breeze blew gently that summer day not so very long ago. It was the day that Anna Ganna Bandanna learned to fly. She was visiting her meme and pepe at their country farm, and she decided to take a walk with pepe’s old dog, Car.

The Day Allie Cette Alphabet Met Sir Up

On a day not so very long ago, Allie Cette Alphabet and her Meme were in the kitchen at the farmhouse, baking pies. Meme wanted to make an apple pie for Pepe. Today was his birthday.

The Day Anna Ganna Bandanna Finds the Stream of Sticks

It was a weekend not so very long ago, Anna Ganna Bandanna was still a little girl, but she liked to wander all about her Pepe’s farmland, sometimes alone and sometimes with Pepe’s old dog, Car.