Hi, I’m Pepe. It’s so nice to meet you.

Children’s book Author

My Story

My adventures as a boy started in the majestic woods of rural Maine and in the isles of my local library where my imagination was nurtured. With the support and encouragement of my family and teachers, I was able to explore the joys of writing through storytelling and all its rewards.

My journey with writing continued in high school as a local newspaper columnist, and in college as a student publication reporter, ultimately leading to my Ph.D. in English.
As a college English professor, I was thrilled to be an advocate and return the encouragement to write to my students for decades. But my journey was changed forever with the birth of my grandchildren.

After years of telling and imagining bedtime stories for my children, I knew it was time to write stories for my granddaughters and for daughters, sons and grandchildren everywhere.

Published Books

The Day Anna Ganna Bandanna Learned to Fly

The breeze blew gently that summer day not so very long ago. It was the day that Anna Ganna Bandanna learned to fly. She was visiting her meme and pepe at their country farm, and she decided to take a walk with pepe’s old dog, Car.

The Story of How Old Car Got His Bark

One quiet summer evening, not so very long ago, Pepe sat on the porch swing with Anna Ganna Bandanna and Allie Cette Alphabet. He told Allie and Anna the story of how his old dog Car learned how to bark.

The Day Allie Cette Alphabet Met Sir Up

On a day not so very long ago, Allie Cette Alphabet and her Meme were in the kitchen at the farmhouse, baking pies. Meme wanted to make an apple pie for Pepe. Today was his birthday.


As a child, I visited many far off lands meeting magical and unique characters. It was a gift my father gave me through his storytelling. One that I hope to pass on to our family and others for generations to come.

– Shari, Author’s Daughter

Did you know?

Pepe thought it would be fun to share some secrets found in his stories that only he knows. Like Anna only wears magical and brightly colored bandannas and Allie’s posi is filled only with letters that match the keys on a piano.

Bandannas Anna wears

Animals on Pepe's Farm

Letters in Allie's Posi

Instruments in Meme's Music Room