we’re so excited you’re here!

I’m Anna Ganna and this is my cousin, Allie Cette.

We can’t wait to go on adventures with you at our Pepe’s and Meme’s farm. Our old dog, Car, is always with us too and even found his bark on one such adventure. So, let’s go have some fun and explore the mysteries and magic found in our stories!

By Vernon R. Lindquist
Illustrated by Susan B. Fecho

The Day Anna Ganna Bandanna Learned to Fly

Children’s Book

We hope you enjoy this first Double A Book in the series about the two young cousins, Anna Ganna Bandanna and Allie Cette Alphabet, their grandparents and the old dog, Car.

Other Books

The Story of How Old Car Got His Bark

One quiet summer evening, not so very long ago, Pepe sat on the porch swing with Anna Ganna Bandanna and Allie Cette Alphabet. He told Allie and Anna the story of how his old dog Car learned how to bark.

The Day Allie Cette Alphabet Met Sir Up

On a day not so very long ago, Allie Cette Alphabet and her Meme were in the kitchen at the farmhouse, baking pies. Meme wanted to make an apple pie for Pepe. Today was his birthday.

The Day Anna Ganna Bandanna Finds the Stream of Sticks

It was a weekend not so very long ago, Anna Ganna Bandanna was still a little girl, but she liked to wander all about her Pepe’s farmland, sometimes alone and sometimes with Pepe’s old dog, Car.

About the Author

Vernon R. Lindquist

Vernon R. Lindquist, Ph.D. in English, student and lover of children’s literature from Aesop to C.S. Lewis. He is a great-grandfather of two, grandfather of five, father of four, and himself, one of six children in a family where kids loved the out of doors and pets were constant companions. He is happy to bring you the mysterious lives of two lovely and gregarious young girls, Anna Ganna Bandanna and Allie Cette Alphabet.


A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.

– C.S. Lewis

About the Illustrator

Susan B. Fecho

Susan B. Fecho, MFA, prominent and award-winning North Carolina artist has had numerous solo and invitational exhibits. Her published illustrations, designs and photographs have been accepted into major collections, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery Library and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.